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SC Public Policy Panel
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SC Public Policy Panel

Since 2010, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has created a Public Policy Panel at the State Affiliate level to strengthen the grassroots of the association so that the Academy and its state affiliates continue the progress of bringing members greater recognition, respect and remuneration, consistent with ADA’s mission and vision. Remember, public policy affects us ALL – personally and professionally – so get involved!!  “If dietetics is your profession, politics is your business!”
Role of Public Policy Partner (PPP)
  • Develop relationship with your state Senator/Representative so they see you as a trustworthy and competent professional
  • Familiarize your senator with the role of the RD and promote our profession
  • Communicate resources available to the senator through SCDA/Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Express interest in food/nutrition/health related legislation and public policy
Partners make one "formal visit" to their senator and are encouraged to look for opportunities to connect with him/her two more times throughout the year at forums, fairs, coffees, fund raiser, church, daycare, etc. 
If you are interested in becoming a PPP, contact Donald Wood by email at or call (803) 255-7223