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How To Report Harm
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How to File a Complaint

 A complaint against a licensee, or an unlicensed person practicing a profession or occupation that requires a license, may be made on  complaint form. You may download the form from the Board's Web site or request to have one mailed by calling (803) 896-4470. The complaining party is responsible for ensuring that all necessary information is included on the form.
In completing the form, the person making the complaint is referred to as the complainant. The individual the complaint is against is referred to as the respondent.
Please state all facts briefly and clearly. Also, include the name, address and phone number of all witnesses, and the specific information they possess to substantiate the complaint. Please include copies of any documents, records, statements or contracts that may assist this agency to conduct an inquiry.
Upon completion, and getting the form notarized, mail the complaint form, along with any attachments, to the following address: S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Office of Investigations and Enforcement P.O. Box 11329, Columbia, S.C. 29211-1329, or fax to (803) 896-4656.
Upon receipt of the complaint, if jurisdiction is established, a thorough investigation is conducted to determine whether a violation has occurred. If a violation of the practice act is found, the respondent may be offered a consent agreement, or a hearing may be held before the Board to resolve the findings of the agency’s investigation. Although this action is between the State and the Respondent, the complainant should be prepared to testify, as requested, at a hearing before the Board if the matter has not been otherwise resolved. The complaint will be dismissed by the Board if a violation is not found or the case does not present evidence that would sustain a legal procedure.
To contact the SCAND Licensure liaison regarding a licnesure question, please send an e-mail to