Jillian A. Rose, PhD, MPH, LCSW

Jillian A. Rose, PhD, MPH, LCSW
Assistant Vice President, Community Engagement, Diversity and Research, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), NY, NY

Dr. Jillian Rose is an innovative, multimodal  thought leader working from a professional public health and social work perspective of “case to cause” to understand and address inequalities in healthcare through educational interventions  that lead to patient partnerships and enhanced quality outcomes. 

Dr. Rose is invested in addressing social injustice and brings her passion and intellectual creativity to further diversity and inclusion goals in her current role and beyond. As part of the diversity and inclusion council at HSS,  Dr. Rose seeks to leverage her skills in engaging leadership, staff and patients in meaningful conversations to help  orchestrate and unify efforts across the organization to foster the development, implementation and integration of diversity, equity and inclusion practice.  

Dr. Rose develops and implements hospital-wide and external trainings on working with multicultural populations and fostering an inclusive environment for diverse communities including the LGBTQ+ community. Driven by her passion for health equity, Dr. Rose continues to break ground organizationally by providing ongoing leadership and support for the collection of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and preferred language data in the electronic medical record. Dr. Rose has taken the lead in creating an infrastructure that allows clinicians and others to use this data to inform and enhance care decisions. In addition, she provides training for the healthcare team and all new employees related to implicit bias and cultural awareness, and participates in quality initiatives to identify and address health disparities through the development of appropriate tools and evaluation processes to ensure the highest quality care for all. 

As a Director at HSS, Dr. Rose plays an integral role in the Hospital’s Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Service Plan. Since 2005, Dr. Rose has had oversight over Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)® and LupusLine®, nationally recognized peer support and psycho-education programs for people with lupus and their families, where her team reaches out to diverse populations to provide culturally tailored interventions. 

Dr. Rose’s vision and implementation of rheumatology educational initiatives is an integrated and aspirational model of inquiry: engaging others to be curious, to be passionate about discovering, learning and integrating new knowledge, not only through her teaching, supervision, presentations, research, and programmatic development, but also creating safe learning environments from which enhanced self-awareness and understanding emerges. 

Dr. Rose is a member of the Disparities Research Committee at HSS and  is a visionary who has served as principal and co-investigator on many studies impacting rheumatology care and focused on exploring health disparities, including the qualitative analysis for the development of a lupus app as a self-management tool for people with lupus; “Peer Approaches to Lupus Self-management” a study to improve outcomes related to quality of life, self-management, and disease activity, among African American women with lupus, using a novel peer-to-peer mentorship model and the utilization of focus groups and key informant interviews to develop a patient reported outcome tool with rheumatology colleagues. More recently, Dr. Rose served as a co-investigator on a national study, training research coordinators at nine hospital centers focused on engaging Latinx and African American women in examining their treatment options for knee osteoarthritis, using a shared decision-making tool. Currently, Dr. Rose is serving as

PI on a national study to look at the Psychosocial Impact of Covid-19 on People with Rheumatic Illnesses; this study focuses on assessing the experiences of people from communities of color.

Dr. Rose is a service leader who has volunteered with the   ACR/ARP over the last ten years, as an invited member of ARP’s Practice Committee, Marketing Committee, Executive Leadership Committee, and  COIN, a  collaborative to advance health equity.   

In all of these endeavors, Dr. Rose has been committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise through numerous publications, national and international conferences and public forums.   Included among these are her invited speaker and podium presentations at ACR/ARP national conferences; EULAR; Office of Minority Health’s Leadership Summit; the Movement is Life National Caucus on Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Health Disparities; The American Hospital Association and the Greater New York Hospital Association. 

Dr. Rose has received numerous awards and recognition for her work including, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Visionary Award, ARP Distinguish Educator’s Award, the Wholeness of Life Award and the Emerging Leader Award.