ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM Codes for MNT

RDNs may use this list to customize paper and electronic forms within their MNT practices to facilitate referrals for MNT services and the development of super bills.


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Medicaid offers nutrition counseling to combat obesity in SC


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DHHS Obesity Initiative

The official launch date for the Obesity Initiative is live! Click here for the bulletin that SC DHHS has released to it’s providers regarding this program.

What does this mean for you? If you have not yet done so, please:

  • Obtain a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number
  • Enroll as a Medicaid Provider through SCDHHS

Take advantage NOW as the enrollment fee ($500) is waived! This will also prevent a delay in providing services to participants.

  • Outpatient Hospital based LDs need to only enroll with SCDHHS, and with each of the Managed Care Organizations (MCO).

LDs that are enrolling as an individual must enroll with both SCDHHS and any the Managed Care Organizations (MCO) that are in their area. SCAND suggests that LDs contact each of the MCOs to find out how to enroll with them. Failure to enroll with the MCOs will result in the inability to be reimbursed when the service is provided to their members.

The MCOs in South Carolina are:

  1. Absolute Total Care
  2. Blue Choice Health Plan
  3. Advicare
  4. First Choice by Select Health
  5. Molina Healthcare of South Carolina
  6. WellCare Health Plan, Inc.

Please refer any questions or concerns to either [email protected] or the Provider Service Center at (888) 289-0709. Alternatively, contact Jeremy Ponds, SCAND Reimbursement Representative at [email protected]. Thank you for your continued involvement with this initiative!

Your Contact at the South Carolina Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
The SC Reimbursement Representative is Jeremy Ponds, who can be contacted at [email protected]