2021 Abstracts 

SCAND Outstanding  Dietetic Student Research Poster Award
Stephanie Finch MPH, CHES, Healthcare Providers’ Level of Confidence and Ability to Provide Culturally Competent Nutrition Education to Diverse Populations in the Carolinas
Department of Human Nutri
tion, College of Arts and Sciences, Winthrop University     Abstract

Sepideh Alasvand, M.S., Can Spices be Used to Help Control Hyperglycemia in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes?
Clemson University     Abstract

Sarah Albandar MS, Relationship Between Disordered Eating Risk & Body Image Dissatisfaction of Spirit Squad Members
Department of Human Nutrition, Winthrop University     Abstract

Margaret Condrasky, RD, EdD, Civic agriculture and community engagement activities on knowledge and recipe development of heirloom vegetables for nutrition students
Clemson University     Abstract

Eden Crain, The Relationship between Energy Balance and Performance Measures in Collegiate Female Volleyball Players
Department of Human Nutrition, Winthrop University     Abstract

Monica Foster, The Effect of Trikafta on Nutrition Status in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
Medical University of South Carolina     Abstract

Emily Garrett, B.S, Mindful Eating and Perceived Stress in College Students
Winthrop University     Abstract

MaryGrace Gilkey, Food Insecurity and The Effects on Health Outcomes in Adults and Pediatrics with Cystic Fibrosis in South Carolina
Medical University of South Carolina     Abstract

Mackensie Miller, BS, Allison Sabatino, BS, Pediatric Nutrition "At Risk" Screening Accuracy and Improvement Project
Medical University of South Carolina Dietetic Internship     Abstract

Katie Parker MS, Perceptions of Intuitive Eating Principles Among Registered Dietitians and Other Healthcare Professionals in South Carolina
Department of Human Nutrition, College of Arts and Sciences, Winthrop University     Abstracts

Olivia Trapp, M.S, Determining Indicators of Successful Aging in a Population of Individuals Living in an Active-Living Community
Clemson University     Abstract