Public Policy Partners

You are invited to be a Public Policy Partner.

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What is a Public Policy Partner?

A PPP is a dietitian member of SCAND who agrees to personally contact their legislator several times a year to establish regular communication about who dietitians are, what we do, and why we are the nutrition experts! 

What do you have to do?

The Public Policy Panel will provide you with basic training on how to communicate with your legislator, including talking points, template emails, and phone scripts. We ask that you carry out structured contacts with your legislators under the direction of the SCAND Public Policy Panel. You will then be asked to enter brief info about these contacts into a database so we can keep track of the relationships that are being built between our members and legislators. We will also encourage you to attend our annual Policy Day in Columbia in the Spring and other policy-related events. 

What do you get out of it?

Legislators make decisions about our future every day, and many times, these decisions have to do with health and nutrition, an area they know little about, but one that you know A LOT about! We want YOU to be their GO TO person to ask when anything comes up about the health, wellness, or nutrition of South Carolinians.  It is important that ALL dietitians have a relationship with their legislator so that if important nutrition policy emerges, you already have established rapport with the decision makers! As a bonus, being involved in nutrition policy is a great resume builder!

What’s next?

If you agree to be a Public Policy Partner, we will be in touch with you regularly to provide training, and materials to initiate contact with your legislator. We will check in with you periodically to be sure you are feeling comfortable and confident in your role! We will also provide you with ideas and guidance for types of contacts to make with your legislator throughout the calendar year.

Watch the SCAND Public Policy Partners Training Webinar, and check out our SCAND Public Policy Guidebook full of information!

Your SCAND Public Policy Team – [email protected]

Savannah Weeks, Public Policy Partners Coordinator
Amy Downey, State Policy Representative
Rebecca Fuller, State Regulatory Representative
Molly Mills, Public Policy Coordinator
Public Policy Coordinator-Elect, Carmen Thompson
Nutrition Services Payment Representative, Jeremy Ponds, Molly Mills
Consumer Protection Coordinator, Rowan Goodrich
Delegate, Charlotte Caperton-Kilburn