Social Media Policy

SCAND Social Media Policy

 Policy Statement

The rise of social media outlets, which include but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,  and other collaborative web based media, has created a new opportunity for SCAND to participate and give out sound information to our members, non members, colleagues, and the public. It also helps build professionalism and image of SCAND as a credible, trusted organization. Membership and relevance can also grow through the use of Social Media. Therefore SCAND has established guidelines for such communications.
SCAND’s social media presence is intended to achieve the following goals:
  • Build professionalism and the image of SCAND as a powerful and credible professional organization
  •  Improve the public image of Registered Dietitians as professionals
  •  Increase the image of SCAND as a valued and trusted organization
  • Promote the Registered Dietitian as the nutrition expert
  •  Engage Registered Dietitians across South Carolina
  • Grow SCAND membership and relevance
The intent for these guidelines is to ensure the integrity of SCAND as such web-based tools, Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; LinkedIn; bloggers, etc are used to communicate information to members, non members, colleagues, or the public.
The postings are not to include confidential or internal information to the SCAND organization or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Postings will
  • Respect copyright laws, and reference or cite sources appropriately. Plagiarism also applies to online posts.
  • NOT be offensive, threatening, illegal, or inflammatory, defamatory, or hostile
  • NOT contain phone numbers or email addresses
  • NOT infringe on rights of organization
  • NOT promote or advertise products or services not aligned with SCAND organization
When a member posts his or her own point of view, the member should neither claim nor imply he or she is speaking on SCAND’s behalf, unless the member is authorized in writing by SCAND to do so.
Members are not to engage in behavior on sites that harass, threaten, libel or slander, malign, defame or disparage, or discriminate against other members, non members, colleagues, the public or SCAND.
SCAND’s Social Media Team will approve all postings to the SCAND Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn account, videos via YouTube or any other social media site in the name of SCAND.  Members of the Social Media Team include Social Media/Marketing  Chair/ Chair Elect, Executive Director, President Elect, and President.
The Social Media/Marking Chair, and Social Media/Marketing Chair-Elect will be managing (hide, respond, and report for abuse) all posts and comments.
The Facebook fan page will be updated monthly and the Twitter account will be updated weekly.
The other administrators of the SCAND Social Media Team have the authority to post on behalf of the association and/or in the absence of the Social Media/Marketing Chair or Chair-Elect.
The above named positions reserve the right to ban future posts from people who repeatedly violate terms and conditions.
SCAND also reserves the right to remove and/or edit comments at any time whether they violate the terms or not.
All comments, likes, posts, and comment notifications will be sent to [email protected]
SCAND encourages members to report violations of the above guidelines to the Social Media Team. Members may report abuse, security breaches, and or trademark infringement from outside members on any postings.   SCAND reserves the right to discipline any member who violates the above guidelines. Appropriate action will take place.
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