Title: The Impact of Nutrition on Immune Function

Description: During this season, a general overview of the two-part immune system will be explained. Nutrition-related factors that may suppress immune function will be covered. The impact of diet quality on immune function will be reviewed with specific attention given to key nutrients that play a major role in immune function. Current research surrounding the potential immune support from nutraceuticals will be introduced. The immune system will be explained. The role of nutrition in immune function will be reviewed with specific attention given to key nutrients that the practitioner should consider when evaluating diet quality of patients and clients.  As a result of this session attendees will 1. Identify the 2 parts of the immune system and their general characteristics and roles, 2. Identify nutrition-related factors that can suppress the immune system and 3. Identify the key nutrients that play an important role in immune function.

Learning Needs Codes: 4040, 2060

Performance Indicator Codes: 6.2.5

Speaker Bio: 
Debbie Milne is a registered dietitian with a master's degree in health promotion. During her master’s studies she was accepted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She is currently employed in private practice, primarily working with athletes as a sports nutrition consultant, after practicing for 8 years as a generalist outpatient clinical dietitian. She also works as a business owner and manager of Supra Functional Food Bars LLC. Debbie has had 5 years of experience as a board-certified sports dietitian with plans to renew certification with appropriate practice hours in place. Debbie is also a mother to three grown children and a professionally competitive road cyclist with 11 National Championship titles.